Award winners from the Austin Daylily Society's 2018 Show

Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who make this annual show such a favorite of Austin gardeners! Plus a huge thanks to the show co-chairs: Beth Collier & Suzanne Adair! Here are a few images from the show.

Horticulture Section winners

Photo key, left to right, top to bottom

  • Section 1: Extra-large flower: H. 'Yellow Satellite' - exhibited by Jennifer Renner
  • Section 2: Large flower: H. 'Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' - exhibited by Mike Peppers
  • Section 3: Small flower; H. 'Mambo Maid' -  exhibited by Jennifer Renner
  • Section 4: Miniature flower: H. 'Texas Cherry' - exhibited by Janice Heiskell
  • Section 5: Double flower: H. 'Gulf Coast Ronnie's Memorial' - exhibited by Jerre Threatte
  • Section 6: Spider flower: H. 'Calico Spider' - exhibited by Jennifer Renner
  • Section 7: Unusual Form flower: H. 'Christmas in Oz' - exhibited by Bert Marcom
  • Section 9: Popularity Poll: H. 'Little Orange Tex' - exhibited by Janice Heiskell
  • Section 10: Seedlings: "Hathaway seedling" - exhibited by David Hathaway

Display Division winners

    Photo key, left to right

    • Class A: "Texas Swing"- first place was awarded to Suzanne Adair
    • Class B: "Tango" - first place was awarded to Velia Sanchez Ruiz
    • Class C: "Waltz" - first place and the Tri-Color Award were awarded to Beth Zimpleman