Zilker Botanical Garden

Zilker Botanical Garden is located on the south bank of the Colorado River, just south of downtown Austin. Stretching across 26 acres, its diverse topography is well suited for a variety of habitats and is home to a broad selection of native, hybrid and exotic plants. The Botanical Garden is the jewel of Zilker Park and the Lady Bird Johnson Lake corridor. Each year, over 300,000 people visit the gardens. Click here for more information on the Zilker Botanical Garden.

Daylily display garden

The Austin Daylily Society plants and maintains the Daylily beds at Zilker Botanical Garden (located near the front gate). Daylilies run a range of blooming periods from early beginning in late April to early May, midseason from mid-May to early June, and late blooming cultivars coming out in June through July.

When daylily people talk about size, we speak about bloom size. Miniature flowers are less than 3", small flowers are 3" to 4½"; large blooms are 4½" to 7" and extra-large flowers are over 7". The heights range from 6" high to over 48" tall. The blooms come in a wide variety of single and double flowering forms, and as the name suggests, each bloom in a scape of buds blooms for a day only.

Hybridizers are working on varieties that will bloom more than once a year, blooms that will last longer than a day each, and increasing the color range to include colors approaching blue. Daylilies are relatively easy to hybridize. There are a large number of named and registered cultivars. A number of gardeners do their own cross pollination, in hopes of coming up with something new.

You can learn more about these garden favorites by contacting and joining the Austin Daylily Society. Visit the Daylily Garden at Zilker Botanical Garden where each planting is identified by name.

Click here for more information on the Daylily garden at Zilker.