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large peach bloom

ruffled burgundy edges, burgundy center with yellow eye

large pink and burgundy blossom

ruffled burgundy edges and center, green throat

medium pink blossom

darker pink edging with green throat

small cream blossom

dark burgundy center with bright green eye

large orange blossom

bright orange ruffled edges and stamen

large yellow blossom

faint peach markings around center yellow eye

large bright pink blossom

ruffled edges, elevated midlines, yellow center, green eye

red spider blossom

medium red petals with darker red center, yellow-green eye

three magenta spider blossoms

large dark magenta petals with yellow center and eye

large pale peach blossom

heightened midline, darker peach center with green eye

bright pink blossom

yellow center with green eye

yellow double blossom

darker peach center ring with yellow eye

orange novelty blossom

8 petals bright orange with large yellow center and yellow stamens

large cerise blossom

darker purple petals with lighter midlines, yellow center

large bright pink blossom

darker pink ruffled edges and center band, yellow center, green eye

Large cream double

maroon center and edging

light pink large blossom

darker purple center with yellow and green eye

bright red semi-double

large blossom with bright yellow eye

medium maroon blossom

yellow ruffled edges and center

medium cream blossom

large maroon center with bright green eye

large yellow lily

green midlines with bright green eye

bright rose blossom

darker rose center with yellow and green eye