1. How do you grow daylilies in Austin?

One of the simplest and most lovely garden flower, simple instructions for daylily culture are available for Growing daylilies in Austin

2. Are there any daylilies that rebloom in local gardens?

Members a currently compiling a list that will be available in January 2011.

3. What are the best daylilies to grow in Austin?

American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) produces a popularity poll for each region (including Region 6) each year. It is the hope of the AHS that these popularity polls presents a true picture of those daylilies that perform well in a given area and which are best liked.

4.  What diseases do daylilies get?

Daylilies are affected by few diseases, however both rust and crown rot can cause problems.  Information about both diseases and pests is available from the American Hemerocallis Society.